“From the first moment I have met Karl-Heinz, the atmosphere was very trustful. During my Coaching lessions it was fantastic to speak through couple of topics. Karl-Heinz prepared himself quite good to give me answer for almost everything I have asked for. I got many helpful advices for present challenges and also for the future. I can absolutely recommand Karl-Heinz and would really like to see him again”

Patric Lampe
Head of Ocean Bulk at DHL Global ForwardingHead of Ocean Bulk @ DHL Global Forwarding

“I had the sheer pleasure to work with Karl-Heinz over a two-month coaching program in CoachHub early 2022. After several years in the same role, it was time for me to start reflecting about my current profession live and what should be next. Working with Karl-Heinz here was simply a gift because he immediately started creating a creative, empathetic, and solution-focused atmosphere that quickly helped me to reflect about myself and the common traps I am falling in to during daily business. Whenever I came across a challenge or a question regarding improving the way I am acting in business, Karl-Heinz always had a great and resonating answer and example how to address such a challenge. You can simply feel that he did it already as a sales and senior business professional and he really knows what he is talking about. He is a fantastic listener, sharp analyzer and quickly understands the issue behind your question or story. I am very thankful for this inspiring time with Karl-Heinz and the mentorship he provided to me.”

Christian Goetz
Director Presales Success bei CyberArkDirector Presales Success bei CyberArk

Karl-Heinz let me tap into his wealth of knowledge and experience in leadership and team development. He his very empathetic and helped me to overcome my obstacles with his structured, personal approach. I couldn’t have hoped for a better coach.

Christoph Fichtmüller
Head of Engineering at TeneraHead of Engineering at Tenera

“I had the pleasure and privilege to be a member of our Sales Team under the leadership of Karl-Heinz for the past 12 months.
His sales acumen, persistence, sales leadership and coaching ability are outstanding and earned him much respect throughout the PayPal operation.
Karl-Heinz’ strong ability to break down complex processes and to anticipate upcoming changes and resulting openings as well as his great mentoring skill has helped me hugely with furthering my own career. I cannot thank him enough for his adept and dedicated support.
I can strongly recommend him and would welcome the opportunity to work with Karl-Heinz again anytime.”

Tanya Armbruester
Zettle by PayPal

“Karl Heinz was my mentor and coach at IBM. His motivation and excellent explanations on the complex issues helped me to develop new ideas for sales strategies. It was great working with him and learning from his years of experiences in the field of software sales.
Gracias Karl-Heinz”

Maribel Cortez
Key Account Manager bei traffics Softwaresysteme für den Tourismus GmbH